Goldilocks traces its roots to the collaboration and complementary talents
of the women, whose collective love for good food fueled what has been
transformed into the global enterprise today.

The Goldilocks Brand

Brand Leadership

Goldilocks is the leading brand in the Philippine bakeshop industry, cutting across all economic classes with a wide variety of products, at prices within the consumers' reach. Ask any Pinoy what his favorite Goldilocks products are, and he's sure to name at least one!

Taste Success with a Goldilocks Franchise

Join the Goldilocks franchise family. With over 40 years of experience, more than 300 stores worldwide and the 2005 Hall of Fame Award for Outstanding Filipino Franchise of the Year, you are assured of sweet success

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HOW TO Get Acquainted with Filipino Food

YOU love sushi, consider yourself a pho aficionado, and can point visitors to the best pad Thai in a 10-mile radius. So why haven't you tried palabok yet? There are more than 84 million people living in the Philippines, and Filipinos comprise the second-largest Asian population group in the United States, trailing only ethnic Chinese. Yet outside of the Filipino community, most Americans would be lost at sea in a Filipino restaurant. Food is a defining characteristics of Filipino culture; even their greeting in native Tagalog translates to "Have you eaten?" Filipino food is reminiscent of other Asian cooking, but may most closely resemble Vietnamese fare. This has less to do with actual dishes than it does that both cuisines harbor influences from colonization, Vietnamese from France, Filipino…

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